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LUXE Pickleball
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Taking Care of Your LUXE Pickleball Paddle
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Taking Care of Your LUXE Pickleball Paddle

How to care for your LUXE Pickleball Paddle (if not... check them out!)

So now that you have your LUXE Pickleball Paddle… you might be asking how you can keep them pristine and fresh for your competitive game. 

Here are our best recommendations from the manufacturer and ourselves on keeping these paddles in the best condition while playing the game of pickleball that you love. 

After each use of the LUXE paddle - do the following: 

  1. With glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth whip the face and edge guard.
  2. Wipe your handle and grip off with a towel or damp cloth.
  3. Keep it safe and protected by putting it back in that LUXE Faux Leather Case after play.

Do you notice your graphic wearing down? 

  • This is actually fantastic news! It means that you are hitting the ball… a lot! Congratulations!
  • With any sport where a ball contacts the paddle the graphics will wear over time.
  • This would be a fantastic time to come take a look at our new LUXE paddle designs so you can keep your play fresh and vibrant. 
    • Disclaimer- we would be happy to help you if you feel like the wear and tear is unreasonable. We have done our best to have quality assurance, if we miss an issue please reach out so we can accommodate to the best of our ability. 

Do you feel like your grip is becoming silky or you are losing your grip during play? 

  • Great news! You can replace your grip easily at home. Learn how here.
  • How often you replace your grip is up to you. Grips typically wear out after 100-150 hours of play. 

And lastly… Use some care and sense!

We encourage you to use care with your paddle to keep it looking and playing fresh for months to come. 

Our suggestions: 

  • Keep your paddle in a case- obviously we think the best one to go with your paddle is our LUXE Faux Leather Case- this will help protect your LUXE paddle from the elements.
  • Keep your paddle away from extreme temperatures- cold makes materials brittle and breakable, hot air makes the face softer. This means keep it out of your car in the winter and off the court in the blazing hot sun. 
  • Do not submerge the paddle in liquid. The core sucks up and traps water. It will affect your play. When cleaning the LUXE paddle use a rag.
  • Do not hit the ground with the paddle. It is only made to hit balls- even when in a mad fury (not you of course… just remind your partner). 
  • If you are tripping and falling, train yourself to not land on your paddle, they are not meant to hold a 100 pounds of dead weight. 
  • Be mindful of where you place your paddle when not actively playing. Keep your cover on it, place it where it will not be smashed, stepped on. 
  • Be careful to keep your water bottles far from it in case of an accidental spill in your bag that could result in resting water on the LUXE paddle resulting in damage to the graphics. 

How to care for your LUXE Faux Leather Case

We have four simple requests for you to keep that LUXE Faux Leather Case pristine: 

  1. Keep your case away from water. It needs to stay dry at all times, if it accidentally gets wet, dry it with a towel quickly. 
  2. It is also not meant for harsh elements. Keep it out of extreme temperatures, water, sharp objects, and chemicals. 
  3. To clean your LUXE Faux Leather Case simply wipe the dirty part with a towel or cotton ball dipped with clean water. 
  4. It is not machine washable or meant for the dryer. We also do not recommend using a hair brush on this product.


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