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Pickleball Tips
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Pickleball Tips

Here is a list of a few tips to help improve your pickleball game!

  • Advance to the kitchen as quickly as possible
  • Hit to the opponents backhand
  • If you can not hit downward on the ball, it is better to dink it or do a drop shot
  • Try to prevent the opposing team from advancing to the kitchen
  • Standing more than 6-8 feet away from your teammate allows gaps and holes for your opponents to take advantage of
  • When attacking a shot it is usually better to hit it towards the person directly in front of you, as opposed to the opponent diagonal from you, as the ball has less distance to travel giving them less time to react
  • When dinking, make the other team uncomfortable by making them move their feet to return the shot
  • When returning a serve, return it as deep as possible to prevent the other team from advancing to the net
  • On the third shot of a rally, the best shot is usually a drop shot, which will prevent your opponents from attacking the shot and give your team more time to advance to the net

Try some of these out during your next pickleball game and let us know what you think!


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