LUXE. Pickleball - About Us
Meet the faces behind LUXE. 
Siblings Kiana and Colby have created LUXE. Pickleball. LUXE Pickleball makes premium paddles that also look good. 

As a family we all love playing pickleball, however, we couldn’t find any unique and aesthetic paddles we liked that also performed well… All of the paddles available are bland and honestly boring. Which brings us to LUXE. 

After spending time perfecting the perfect pickleball paddle for performance along with unique and aesthetic modern designs LUXE was born! We have created good looking pickleball paddles that match your aesthetic and allow you to play better on the court. 

Now you can look good while playing good! But make sure you are ready for the amount of compliments you are about to get with our quality and stylish paddles! We promise the second you step on the court someone will ask you about your paddle (trust us, it happens every time). 

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