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About LUXE.

About LUXE.

About LUXE.

LUXE's creation began when Kiana, co-founder of LUXE, sought out to find a cute pickleball paddle that she would enjoy using on the court. She found that there was a lack of designs that served the woman pickleball target market. Once she realized that the current market only offered “boyish and boring” paddles she decided to use her design skills and to create her own. She wanted to make a quality paddle and needed help from a pickleball expert to make that happen. Good thing she knew one and he was readily available to help. She has only known him her whole life and even lived with him for the majority- because they are SIBLINGS.

Thank goodness for Colby! Colby is a competitive pickleball player and 2x successful entrepreneur. Together with research, effort, design after design, trial and error - they came up with the perfect combination: a cute pickleball paddle that will simultaneously dominate the court. 

The only flaw - you will be asked the minute you pull out your LUXE paddle where it came from. Trust us; it happens EVERY TIME. People love the designs and the minute you hold it you will recognize its quality. You might make a new pickleball friend… or foe... just by using this quality, cute paddle on the court.

This is a family owned business. We are so grateful for your business and interest. We would love to help you in anyway possible. Just as new workout clothes can motivate a person to perform, so can a cute pickleball paddle motivate women to commit, compete, and dominate on the court. 

Our mission: 

LUXE Pickleball sells cute aesthetic designed pickleball paddles to women so they can look good and simultaneously dominate the court. Our commitment is to provide cute, aesthetic, and modern designs while maintaining quality materials and excellent customer service. 

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