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Color: Black

USA Pickleball Approved. 

Lightweight and open-throat design for quicker hands at the net!

  • Thickness: 16mm
  • Weight: ~7.75 OZ
  • Foam-filled edges to increase the sweet spot
  • Textured carbon fiber surface for enhanced control
  • Open Throat Design for better air resistance and quicker hands
  • Thermoformed - stronger unibody paddle
  • Long 5.5 inch handle

Premium paddle designed to take your game to the next level!


** We STRONGLY recommend getting edge guard tape to protect the edge of the paddle!


Face: Carbon Fiber
Core: Polypropylene (Polymer) Honeycomb
7.5 inches wide
16.25 Inches tall (including handle)
16mm thick
5.5 inch handle
Skill Level: Beginner - Professional


LX paddle - ~7.75 ounces
5.5 inch long handle for greater reach and two handed shots
Grip Circumference - 4.5 inches
t700 Carbon Fiber surface for ultimate control, durability and performance
16mm thick to give you soft feel/play and greater consistency and control
Open throat paddle with additional aerodynamics to increase swing speed and power
Thermoformed for a stronger unibody paddle
Foam filled edges to increase the sweet spot

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
jennifer worthy
Great tournament paddle!

I bought this paddle for tournament use and I really love it!! It is my go to paddle. I use it for tournaments and competitive play. I really like the control and power that it has. The paddle surface gets great grip on the ball as well. The length of the handle is also an additional plus. Really this paddle has it all for me; Power, grip, control, and lightweight! I even ordered a back up of this paddle in case anything ever happens to the one that I play with.


Definitely recommend this paddle if you're looking for quality and aesthetic. Nice and light, satisfying sweet spot and easy to volley. Even my dinks feel easier! Though that one might just be me ;)

Saul Jurado
LUXE LX is a game changer!!

Absolutely love this paddle. It looks great and gets a a lot of attention on the court! But more importantly it plays amazingly smooth. Speeds up at the kitchen line have never been more fun to react to. The weight and cutouts make it so easy to react quickly and efficiently. Control when you need precise shots and just the right amount of pop to make put always stick. Screwball serves are easier to do and wreak havoc because of the carbon fiber texture. Love this paddle and everything LUXE offers!

Samuel Rutherford
The LX paddle looks and

The LX paddle looks and feels great. I’ve been out of town and am excited to play with it for the first time tomorrow.

Justin Rike
LX can compete at 4.5+

The LX paddle has to be one of the slickest looking paddles on the market. The many holes on the face, although unique at the time of this review, provide a crispness when swinging the paddle. The paddle is light, which is great for those with tennis elbow or other injuries! Mine came in around 7.8oz. I used this paddle for about 3 months and played in multiple 4.5 leagues and events. One advice I would give to those that require extra power in your shots, add about an oz or 2 of lead tape on the throat of the paddle to provide more stability when your hit volleys. The only reason I do not play with this paddle as much anymore is I witched to the LUXE Dinker, another great product!

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