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Your eyes aren't lying, the paddle looks that good.  

Aesthetic design with fiberglass surface and honeycomb polymer core giving you a large sweet spot and lots of power!


Face: Fiberglass
Textured Surface
Core: Polypropylene (Polymer) Honeycomb
Skill Level: Beginner - Intermediate

Eye-Catching Design: The pattern not only looks sleek but also adds a touch of aesthetic to your game. It's designed to stand out in both style and performance.

Durable Composite Face: Enjoy consistent play with the paddle's composite face, which provides a great balance of power and control to suit all levels of play.

Polymer Core: The paddle features a thick polymer core, known for its excellent vibration-dampening qualities, making it easier on your arms while delivering a quiet and comfortable hit.

Comfortable Handle: The handle is wrapped in a soft, sweat-absorbent material that ensures a firm and comfortable grip, reducing slippage during play.

Lightweight Construction: Its lightweight build allows for swift movements and easy handling, making it ideal for leisurely games and long play sessions.


Weight: ~8 OZ
Length: 7.638"
Height: 15.591"
Grip Length: 4.82"
Grip Circumference: 4.5"
Core Thickness: 11mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Alexis P.
So cute

I wanted cute paddles and I received cute paddles!!!!


So cute!!!

Sydney L.
So cute!!!

So I purchase the Wavy Checkered paddle and it is so cute!! I am obsessed! This is the only paddle I have ever owned so I cannot compare it to anything else but I would definitely recommend this business and will be buying a second one here soon! (:

Bach B.
The Bachelorette Pickle Ball Style Everyone's Looking For!

Over here at Bach to Basic, we are obsessed with pretty much everything Luxe offers. We purchased for our own girls trip to The Hamptons and will definitely be referring to our clients!
xo, Bach to Basic Bachelorette Party Planner

Perfect for Newbies!

I am new to pickleball—like just started playing 3 days ago new—and already love this paddle! I wanted something budget conscious, since I am new and wasn't sure if I would stick with it—but also cute. This paddle hit the mark big time!! I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on the pattern! As my pickleball obsession starts to grow, I plan to order one of the Luxury paddles for more “serious” matches!

Premium Paddles, Uncompromising Style

This is something we stand by. The designs are sure to turn heads on the court. While our quality paddles focus on performance which will elevate your game. With LUXE paddles you will have the best looking and performing paddle on the court.

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