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Color: Black

USA Pickleball Approved. 

Lightweight and open-throat design for quicker hands at the net!

  • Thickness: 16mm
  • Weight: ~7.75 OZ
  • Foam-filled edges to increase the sweet spot
  • Textured carbon fiber surface for enhanced control
  • Open Throat Design for better air resistance and quicker hands
  • Thermoformed - stronger unibody paddle
  • Long 5.5 inch handle

Premium paddle designed to take your game to the next level!


** We STRONGLY recommend getting edge guard tape to protect the edge of the paddle!


Face: Carbon Fiber
Core: Polypropylene (Polymer) Honeycomb
7.5 inches wide
16.25 Inches tall (including handle)
16mm thick
5.5 inch handle
Skill Level: Beginner - Professional


LX paddle - ~7.75 ounces
5.5 inch long handle for greater reach and two handed shots
Grip Circumference - 4.5 inches
t700 Carbon Fiber surface for ultimate control, durability and performance
16mm thick to give you soft feel/play and greater consistency and control
Open throat paddle with additional aerodynamics to increase swing speed and power
Thermoformed for a stronger unibody paddle
Foam filled edges to increase the sweet spot

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Trevor Davis

Got my LX earlier this week, and tried it yesterday. What an awesome paddle! It's lighter than most brands and it is balanced and weighted so nice in the hand. Very nice design with very nice control also. Would highly recommend!


Such an amazing paddle! From control, speed, spin and light weight it’s perfect. Highly recommend this paddle!

Greg Hansen
Superb Paddle

Discovering the LUXE LX Paddle was a pleasant surprise amidst the vast sea of paddle options in the market. While initially unfamiliar with the brand, the buzz I heard about the LX paddle caught my attention, leading me to delve into their range of offerings. The LUXE lineup boasts three distinct versions: Luxury, Ace, and Leisure, each tailored to cater to different playing styles and preferences. Notably, the Luxury line, to which the LX belongs, targets advanced players seeking superior performance on the court. The Ace line has thinner paddles, and the Leisure thinner yet. I can only assume that the lower-level paddles are designed to give players who need more power just that-more power.
Upon laying eyes on the LX paddle, one cannot help but notice the five distinct “holes” adorning its surface, one of which resembles the iconic “smiley face” motif popularized by Selkirk. Curiosity led me to investigate its compatibility with USAPA standards, and I was pleased to confirm its approval, ensuring it meets competitive play requirements.

The purpose behind these holes became a subject of intrigue, prompting thorough research and engagement with LUXE directly. Beyond reducing air resistance, these perforations significantly augment the paddle’s sweet spot, amplifying forgiveness and precision in each strike. LUXE’s confirmation regarding the holes’ role in enhancing paddle aggressiveness while maintaining a streamlined profile prompted further analysis, affirming their contribution to a dynamic yet controlled gameplay experience.

Moreover, the holes serve a multifaceted function, not only enhancing aerodynamics but also mitigating vibrations upon impact, thereby alleviating strain on the player’s arm and wrist. This design consideration translates into a noticeably comfortable and immersive gameplay experience.

Upon testing, the LX paddle exceeded expectations, delivering consistent and powerful groundstrokes while enabling precise and spin-laden serves. Another aspect of the paddle also surprised me – I was playing a game against a baseline banger. Time after time balls came streaking at me, and time after time all I would have to do is meet the ball to send it right back to the baseline. I rarely encounter opponents who play with a “banger” style, so I cannot definitively compare the performance of other paddles in such scenarios. However, I enjoyed the ability to return shots with right back to the player, all while experiencing minimal vibration from the paddle.

For a more complete review, you can go to my blog here: https://theadventurousboomer.blog/review-of-the-luxe-lx-paddle/

jennifer worthy
Great tournament paddle!

I bought this paddle for tournament use and I really love it!! It is my go to paddle. I use it for tournaments and competitive play. I really like the control and power that it has. The paddle surface gets great grip on the ball as well. The length of the handle is also an additional plus. Really this paddle has it all for me; Power, grip, control, and lightweight! I even ordered a back up of this paddle in case anything ever happens to the one that I play with.


Definitely recommend this paddle if you're looking for quality and aesthetic. Nice and light, satisfying sweet spot and easy to volley. Even my dinks feel easier! Though that one might just be me ;)

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