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Merger between the MLP & PPA: What does it mean?
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Merger between the MLP & PPA: What does it mean?

In a long anticipated move for the world of pickleball, the recent merger between Major League Pickleball (MLP) and the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA) has sent shockwaves through the sport. As two prominent entities in the pickleball realm come together, the implications for players, fans, and the sport's future are both exciting and transformative. This article explores what the merger signifies for the sport of pickleball.


Major League Pickleball (MLP): MLP has established itself as a dynamic force in the world of professional pickleball, providing a platform for top-tier players to showcase their skills in a competitive setting. Known for its innovative approach and commitment to raising the sport's profile, MLP has been a driving force in the evolution of professional pickleball. The MLP has been organized around co-ed league formats with multiple players on a team. 

Pro Pickleball Association (PPA): The Pro Pickleball Association, with its emphasis on organizing high-caliber tournaments and fostering the growth of the sport, has played a crucial role in elevating pickleball to new heights. PPA's dedication to professionalism and player development has contributed significantly to the sport's increasing popularity. The PPA has focussed on bracket style tournaments.

Key Implications:

  1. Elevated Competition Standards: The merger between MLP and PPA is expected to elevate the standards of competition within the professional pickleball circuit. With the combined expertise of both organizations, players can anticipate a more robust and competitive landscape that pushes the boundaries of skill and competition.

  2. Unified Tournament Structure: The merger paves the way for a more cohesive tournament structure, ensuring a streamlined and organized calendar of events. Fans and players alike can anticipate a more unified approach to tournament scheduling and formats, enhancing the overall viewing and playing experience. While this is still up in the air on how this will look, currently each organization will continue to use its unique format of tournaments, but expect there to be a bit of unified change in the future. 

  3. Increased Exposure and Fan Engagement: By joining forces, MLP and PPA are poised to amplify the exposure of professional pickleball. The merged entity can leverage its collective resources to reach a broader audience, attracting new fans and sponsors to the sport and creating a more vibrant community around pickleball.

  4. Enhanced Player Development: Over 150 athletes will be affected by this and payouts are expected to increase significantly. This opens opportunities for current athletes to continue to develop as well as for emerging talents to rise through the ranks, ensuring a sustainable pipeline of skilled players for the future.

The merger between MLP and PPA represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of professional pickleball. As the sport continues to gain momentum, the combined efforts of these two influential entities promise an exciting future for players and fans alike. With elevated competition standards, a more unified tournament structure, increased exposure, and enhanced player development, the merger is a significant step towards cementing pickleball's status as a major player in the world of sports.

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