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In the dynamic sport of pickleball, mastering advanced shots can significantly enhance your gameplay and intimidate opponents. One such advanced shot is the "Around The Post" (ATP) shot, a spectacular and often game-changing play. This blog post is dedicated to demystifying the ATP shot, explaining when to use it, and offering tips on how to execute it effectively.

What is an ATP Shot?

The ATP shot, or Around The Post shot, is a legal and strategic move used in pickleball where the player hits the ball around the outside of the net post. Unlike standard shots that pass over the net, the ATP bypasses the net entirely, potentially catching an opponent off guard. This shot can be both a defensive maneuver and an offensive highlight, turning a defensive position into an aggressive point winner.

When to Use an ATP Shot

1. When the Ball Travels Wide: The most opportune moment for an ATP shot is when your opponent hits a wide shot that travels beyond the sideline but is still inbounds. The ball's wide trajectory creates the perfect angle for executing an ATP.

2. In Doubles Play: In doubles, when the court is fully occupied, and opponents might not cover the extreme angles well, an ATP shot can exploit these gaps.

3. Against a Strong Net Presence: If your opponents are strong at the net, an ATP can go around their defenses rather than trying to penetrate through them.

How to Execute an ATP Shot

1. Positioning and Footwork: Good footwork is crucial for the ATP shot. You need to quickly position yourself in a way that aligns your paddle with the trajectory to hit the ball around the net post. This often means running outside the court bounds to get the right angle.

2. Paddle Readiness: Have your paddle ready and low to the ground, adjusting the paddle face angle depending on the height and speed of the incoming ball.

3. Shot Angle: The ATP shot requires you to hit the ball at a sharp angle. Aim to keep the ball low as it passes the post to minimize your opponent's chance of returning it.

4. Follow Through: Ensure a smooth follow-through with your swing. The goal is to guide the ball on its path around the post, using the momentum of your swing to direct it accurately.

5. Recovery: After executing an ATP, quickly get back into position. Successful ATP shots can sometimes be returned, so readiness to continue the play is essential.

Tips for Practicing the ATP Shot

1. Drills: Practice with a partner who can feed balls to your forehand and backhand in positions that simulate game scenarios where an ATP would be appropriate.

2. Use Cones or Markers: Set up cones or markers to simulate the net post's position. Practice hitting around these markers to get a feel for the angles necessary for a successful ATP.

3. Video Analysis: Record your practice sessions to analyze your positioning, footwork, and paddle handling. Video feedback can be incredibly valuable in refining your technique.

4. Mental Preparation: Visualize executing the ATP shot during practice. Mental rehearsal can prepare you to use this shot effectively during matches.


The ATP shot in pickleball is not just about flaunting your skill—it's a strategic choice that can alter the course of a rally and dazzle both opponents and spectators. Like any advanced technique, the ATP requires practice and precision to master. By incorporating these tips into your training routine, you can begin to confidently add the ATP shot to your competitive play. Embrace the challenge of learning this exciting shot, and enjoy the rewards it can bring to your game!

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