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"Air Dinking" Taking the Ball out of the Air at the Kitchen
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"Air Dinking" Taking the Ball out of the Air at the Kitchen

In pickleball, the "kitchen" or non-volley zone is a crucial area of the court. Dominating this zone can significantly influence the outcome of a point, especially during a dink rally. One effective technique in this context is taking the ball out of the air when dinking. This strategy not only enhances your offensive play but also strategically pressures your opponent. Here’s why and how you should make this your go-to move when you're near the kitchen.

The Strategic Advantage of Air Dinks

1. Time Pressure:
The primary advantage of taking the ball out of the air is the significant reduction in response time for your opponent. By not letting the ball bounce, you speed up the rally and force your opponent to react more quickly than they might be comfortable with. This can lead to rushed shots, errors, or less strategic returns from them, giving you the upper hand.

2. Positional Dominance:
When you consistently lean in to take the ball out of the air, you effectively "shrink" the kitchen. This aggressive positioning challenges your opponent's ability to play comfortably close to the net and can limit their shot options, making it easier for you to predict and counter their moves.

Techniques for Effective Air Dinks

1. Lean In and Set Up Early:
To effectively take the ball out of the air, position is key. Lean into the kitchen as far as the rules allow without foot-faulting. Set up early for the shot, which involves not just reaching with your paddle but stepping in with your body to maintain balance and control. Being early in your setup allows you to comfortably intercept the ball at a higher point, giving your opponent less time to react.

2. Use a Wrist Flick to Apply Pace:
The wrist flick is a subtle yet powerful way to add pace to your dink. A quick, sharp flick of the wrist as you hit the ball can inject unexpected speed into your shot, making it more difficult for your opponent to handle. This technique can be particularly effective when the ball is just slightly out of your comfortable reach, allowing you to still make a controlled and aggressive play.

3. Aim Deep and at the Feet:
When taking the ball out of the air, aim your shots deep into your opponent’s court, targeting their feet. This accomplishes two things: it forces your opponent to hit upward, which can lead to a weak return, and it makes it challenging for them to move into a better position. Targeting a moving opponent's feet increases the likelihood of a stumble or misstep, further disrupting their rhythm and balance.

Incorporating Air Dinks into Your Game

To integrate this technique into your play effectively, start with focused practice. Drill with a partner and work specifically on leaning in and intercepting the ball out of the air. Practice your wrist flicks to ensure you can consistently apply the right amount of pace. During games, be mindful of your positioning and readiness—always anticipate the opportunity to step in and take the ball out of the air.

Moreover, watch experienced players during matches or online videos to see how they manage their court presence and handle air dinks. Observing their timing and strategies can provide insights and inspiration for your practice sessions.


Taking the ball out of the air when dinking at the kitchen is a potent strategy in pickleball that can significantly elevate your game. By applying this aggressive, time-pressuring tactic, you enhance your control over the pace and flow of the game, making it difficult for your opponents to settle into a comfortable rhythm. Remember, effective execution of this strategy requires practice, especially in terms of positioning, balance, and paddle control. With persistence and focus, mastering air dinks will not only improve your performance at the net but also make you a formidable competitor on the pickleball court.

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